TV Club: The Simpsons (Classic): “The Secret War Of Lisa Simpson”

“The Secret War Of Lisa Simpson” (originally aired 5/18/1997)

In which Lisa gets a medal

Season Eight is the last great season of The Simpsons. There’d be great episodes to come, and seasons which managed a consistent level of good to not-embarrassing episodes throughout, but Season Eight feels like an ending point; the high-water mark where the writers were still able to juggle experimentation and deconstruction against the warmth and humanity which had made the show such a massive success. It’s become easy over the years to resent the series for its dips in quality, but honestly, eight years of greatness (well, okay, six years of perfection, one year of greatness, and one year of hey-we’re-just-figuring-this-out fun) is a remarkable run for any work of art, televised or otherwise. As frustrating as it’s been to see something that was once the pinnacle of its …

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