TV Club: The Simpsons (Classic): “Realty Bites”

To paraphrase Lionel Hutz, there’s “the truth” about “Realty Bites”: I don’t want to be entertained by Marge Simpson’s quiet despair. [Shakes head.] And then there’s the truth about “Realty Bites”: I am entertained by Marge Simpson’s quiet despair. [Nods head.] By any reasonable definition of the word, it’s not “enjoyable” to see a beloved character suffer like she does here, starting from a point of domestic malaise before getting herself tangled up in a job that requires her to betray the trust of her friends and neighbors. On its face, Marge’s Red Blazer Realty dilemma is more compelling than it is entertaining.

But because this is The Simpsons, and because the show isn’t too far removed from its glory days, misery makes good comedy in “Realty Bites.” Following “Scenes From The Class Struggle In Springfield” and “The Twisted World Of Marge …

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