TV Club: The Simpsons (Classic): “My Sister, My Sitter”

“My Sister, My Sitter” (originally aired 03/01/1997)

In which one shouldn’t tell Bart the babysitter’s Lisa…

On the DVD commentary track for “My Sister, My Sitter,” co-showrunner Josh Weinstein has his two children in the recording studio. Throughout the episode, they offer their own commentary, and someone with a serious dislike of children might look at their presence as a disruption; admittedly, even as someone who likes kids, there were moments early on where I wished the commentary track could focus more on the episode’s development, and felt some of Molly and Simon’s reactions were moving us away from that goal. (I do feel bad about this, for the record, although they’re probably both teenagers now, so I think they can handle a critic’s mild, initial disappointment).

But as the commentary track evolved, I realized Molly and Simon are reacting in the …

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