TV Club: The Simpsons (Classic): “Grade School Confidential”

“Grade School Confidential” (originally aired 4/6/1997)

“Just sit down, Seymour. It might be nice to talk to a grown up for a change.”—Edna Krabappel

And so begins The Simpsons‘ greatest love affair (non-Homer And Marge Division). The relationship between Seymour Skinner and Edna Krabappel would weave in and out of the show for years, until Edna connected with the final love of her life, Ned Flanders, in season 22. “Grade School Confidential” is a well-told, true-to-character origin story for the Skinner-Krabappel romance, which is forged outside of the harsh light of public scrutiny, only to return to the darkness of the janitor’s closet by episode’s end.

It’s one of season eight’s funniest episodes, but one where the laughs stand in stark contrast to the tiny tragedies they surround. Beyond attraction and familiarity, a Skinner-Krabapel pairing works because the characters share an abiding loneliness …

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