TV Club: The Simpsons (Classic): “Bart Carny”

In college, there was a guy—let’s call him Rider—who was always charitable to the homeless. Always. He never hesitated to buy one of them a sandwich, let them bum a cigarette, or throw them a buck or two whenever they asked for it. But his generosity came at a price. For one, it gave him a severe case of self-righteousness. Anyone who wasn’t as charitable as him; anyone who didn’t give up their lunch or their cash or cigs was automatically a cold-blooded asshole.

Even worse, his open heart ended up causing him some serious trouble. When one drifter needed a place to say, Rider invited him into his home with no questions asked, going as far to buy him groceries, more cigarettes, and even booze. Several folks told him this was a bad idea, and sure enough, he came home one day to discover …

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