TV Club: The Simpsons brings back the writer of a classic episode, but the sequel is awfully Krusty

Well, no one can accuse The Simpsons of trampling all over one of its all-time best episodes. Actually, wait—I can, as the 24-seasons-removed “Kamp Krustier” finds a way to revisit the classic Simpsons episode “Kamp Krusty” without expanding on it, deconstructing it, or even making a memorable travesty of it. That long-absent original “Kamp Krusty” writer David M. Stern returned to the show as main credited writer for the first time in some 18 years and produced something so innocuously unmemorable is a genuine disappointment.

(Photo: Fox)

That “Kamp Krustier” isn’t a complete debacle has to do with a handful of decent gags that have a nice little life of their own. When Lisa and Bart are at a water park, Lisa—given a speedy pass because of her lingering trauma from that horrible Kamp Krusty summer—runs off while Bart (who’s faking his PTSD) complains about …

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