TV Club: The Simpsons asks you to pray for the very soul of Kidz Newz (also Mojo)

“Girly Edition” is at its best—well, it’s non-Mojo best, at any rate—when it most closely fits into the long Simpsons tradition of skewering the media. Bart’s schmaltzy human interest stories are justifiably the most memorable bit of the episode’s main plot, but threaded throughout the story is a return to one of the show’s favorite stomping grounds, as the episode takes more general aim at the crassness and shallowness of show business. Most obviously, any episode that opens with Krusty smoking a cigar and waxing lyrical about “the tightest three hours and 10 minutes,” complete with Krusty’s nap time and a newly trimmed-down hobo parade, is going to have at least a few worthwhile moments. Springfield’s most lovably lazy phony doesn’t appear beyond that opening scene, but Krusty’s unique brand of non-integrity sets just the right tone for what follows …

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