TV Club: The Shannara Chronicles wastes a detour on torture and PG-13 skinny dipping

Is it me, or does The Shannara Chronicles always seem to be two steps behind its own story? In “Pykon,” for example, Alfred Gough and Miles Millar finally use the Changeling to its full potential. Having taken on the likeness of King Eventine (who I’m presuming is dead now), the creature is able to convince Arion to retrieve a sword from the dungeon, a sword that his father says has the power to defeat the Dagda Mor. After finding the weapon with the help of Catania, the prince is told by Allanon that the sword is actually a talisman of evil, not good, prompting the Changeling to command his son to slay the Druid.

One can’t blame Arion for listening to the semblance of his father, especially since Allanon’s been inadvertently harming Bandon with his training, which unveils the elf’s connection with the Dagda Mor himself …

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