TV Club: The Shannara Chronicles introduces too many new elements in its home stretch

As early as its pilot, The Shannara Chronicles proved it can at least do fantasy action sequences well. So you’d think that, in the penultimate episode of its first season, the show would start doubling down on its strongest element. But nope, the series is still concerned with sluggish negotiations, unnecessary side stories, and new plot elements that continue to kill any momentum moving towards the finale.

All of this easily trimmable fat happens back at—who’d have thunk?—Arbolon, where King Ander continues trying to convince himself that he’s capable of defeating the Dagda Mor and his eventual onslaught of demons. But just when it seems like he’s finally going to rally the troops and start preparing for battle, yet another threat gets introduced: elves. Yes, elves. More elves! They look exactly like the elves we’ve spent eight episodes with, but their leader, Kael …

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