TV Club: The Shameless finale serves the forest, but misses the trees

After Monica’s funeral, Fiona and Ian stand in the doorway to their living room, watching as the family parties as a memorial to a wife and mother that abandoned them. Fiona asks Ian why Trevor—his boyfriend—isn’t there, and he demurs: he isn’t telling his family about his unexpected trip to the Mexican border with Mickey, and so he simply says that he might have screwed it up. Fiona then asks a simple but crucial question: “Is it fixable?”

I was struck by this. The question is essentially asking Ian whether or not Trevor is a character that we should be invested in as part of his future, or—like Caleb—just a temporary character introduced to feed a particular storyline. Was their relationship something that could be resolved and turned into part of the fabric of Shameless, messed up in ways that are sustainable and …

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