TV Club: The rumors are true: All Riverdale roads lead to syrup

As each plot progressed in this week’s Riverdale, I found myself asking one question: “Is this too ‘after school special’?” At first glance, it’s an understandable thought. Archie has to learn his lesson about the price of dignity; Veronica has to learn once more that the sins of the father have consequences; Betty has the responsibility of fixing her broken family. To top it all off, Jughead is still the Shawn Hunter to Archie’s Cory Matthews in terms of his living situation. But “after school special” isn’t really Riverdale‘s style, so it was a valid question and possible concern. “Chapter Eight” sadly flew too close to that creative sun and paid the price for it, but it couldn’t possibly be the new normal for the series, could it?

“Chapter Nine: La Grande Illusion” answers these questions with a resounding no. Because just when you …

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