TV Club: The reveal of Scotty’s killer doesn’t clear up anything on The Affair

The Affair is such an amazing, internal show, that this season two finale feels plot-driven more than anything. But after twentysome episodes, it was about time for The Affair to tell us who killed Scott Lockhart. Although in the end, the reveal was more like, who didn’t kill him? All those furtive glances and secret meetings in the stark, courtroom reality make more sense now that we know that Noah, Alison, and Helen are all guilty of conspiring to keep the true story of Scotty’s death under wraps.

A lot of buildup comes into play to pull this off. First, there’s yet another scene of Scotty going off the rails so that we can barely even be sorry that he’s dead (although, that was one hell of a “House Of The Rising Sun” cover, a song that also hints at a tortured family saga, of which …

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