TV Club: The Returned answers big question, moves past it

The explanation is so simple, it’s shocking. Six months after the flood, Camille wants to know why some of the returned are like her—thinking, feeling, and (eventually) sleeping creatures—while others are like the zonked-out sentries guarding Lucy’s neighborhood hideaway. It’s a question that’s been gnawing at the show subliminally since the beginning of season two, but not one I expected to be answered so soon. Or ever, really.

It’s a powerful notion, and one with a symbolic heft worthy of The Returned. In absentia, Camille, Simon, Audrey, Esteban, and this week’s title character were all kept alive by faith and memory and new lives like Chloe. But the second part of the answer, which comes courtesy of the (still-unnamed?) Mystery Teen, overlooks another possibility: You can wait for someone without hoping they’ll come back. Something about the relationship between Mrs. Costa …

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