TV Club: The reincarnated Hawks and immortal villain aren’t even the craziest thing on this Arrow/Flash team-up

First thing’s first: The best moment of Arrow this week wasn’t in tonight’s episode, but in last night’s episode of The Flash, in which we were treated to Neal McDonough reaching the absolute apex of his scenery-chewing glory. Given little more than a cameo, Damien Darhk was stripped down to his essence, which involves killing people, commenting on how much he enjoys killing people, damn near killing the Green Arrow, and honest-to-goodness giggling in amusement when the Flash zips in to save Oliver. It’s such a fun moment for the character and the show in general because there’s no room for narrative flab in such a quick little scene—on the more heroic side of things, the casual introduction of Oliver’s magnetic arrow makes the team look so damn cool—but there’s also room for the show to have fun going in …

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