TV Club: The Rayburns make everything worse in Bloodline’s season-two finale

Another season of Bloodline has concluded and another Rayburn sibling has brutally murdered someone else. Hey, at least it wasn’t family this time! The biggest shock of the finale ends up being something much more muted than that brutal murder and comes from a much more grounded place. But I’ll get to that. This is Bloodline we’re talking about, so I’m going to take my damn time just like this show loves to do. Throughout these 10 episodes, I’ve been trying to figure out if season two wholly justifies its own existence. There are some magnificently acted parts throughout, and Bloodline has opened up its universe significantly, teasing out its initial themes of family and fate. But it doesn’t all click into place in the same way season one does. And some of the character arcs just don’t even make sense. One thing …

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