TV Club: The President Show gifts Donald Trump with frightening moments of self-awareness

In Michael D’Antonio’s 2015 biography on Donald Trump, Never Enough, Trump is quoted as saying “I don’t engage in self-analysis, because I might not like what I see.” It’s a rare and accurate moment of inner reflection for the current president of the United States. Unfortunately, he refuses to explore the observation any further, shrugging it off so he can move on to a topic he deems more interesting.

On The President Show, Anthony Atamanuik draws out this type of self-aware moment for a Trump impression that goes far beyond parroting and into sad, strange, and slightly complex satire. He’s done numerous interviews this week about how he’s not just trying to capture Donald Trump’s mannerisms, but the emptiness of his soul, and it’s these brief periods of heightened cognizance that allow him to hit such a lofty creative benchmark.

The most …

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