TV Club: The power of perception fuels The Good Fight

The thing about power, Adrian explains in “The Schtup List,” is that “you got to take it from somebody to give it to somebody else.” It’s a great line in an otherwise weak story, but I’ll get to that in a minute. Like The Good Wife, The Good Fight fixates on the concept of power—both as it pertains to interpersonal relationships that blur lines between the personal and the professional and as it pertains to larger institutions. As Adrian’s words suggest, power is finite, which is part of what makes it inherently corrupting. Power relies on hierarchies. In the strong case of the week at the episode’s core, both sides of the issue engage in a power struggle only to realize in the end that they were both being played, outmatched by an outsized source of power: the U.S. government.

Lucca and Diane team …

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