TV Club: The plotting begins on The Bastard Executioner, but it’s still plodding

It’s hard to place, but there’s something missing from The Bastard Executioner. Not something to make it great, but something that would make it watchable. All the pieces are there, and on paper they seem compelling. There’s the hidden identity of Wilkin and the fact that Chamberlain Milus Corbett knows who he is. There’s the themes of piety and loyalty, embodied not only by Wilkin’s split allegiances, but also by the corrupt morality of almost every theological person on the show. There’s the Baroness trying to do right by her people during a time of oppression, and there’s an undercurrent of the supernatural represented by Annora and the Dark Mute. This all sounds compelling enough, but something’s off about the execution, leaving The Bastard Executioner rather shapeless.

“A Hunger/Newyn” is the first time the show really starts to, ever so slightly …

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