TV Club: The Pearson triplets gather, but only one of them trips balls on This Is Us

The Pearson trio are together for the first time in This is Us‘ run, and yet they are still kept largely separate. That’s probably intentional: Kate, Randall, and Kevin are all on their own separate journeys before Thanksgiving, and will continue on them afterward. But when they get to their childhood cabin (had that ever been mentioned before? Did I just miss it or is this new?), I suspected they would create new dynamics in their first full reunion, yet the still largely dealt with their own issues. Itl seems like a waste to have the defining characters of the series come together — even Jack and (past) Rebecca are brought into the fold in a way — and not have them interact all that much. This is especially true when it comes to building on the pairing that otherwise hasn’t been explored because of geography and plots — Randall and …

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