TV Club: The path of least resistance doesn’t suit The 100

Pacing has always been one of the more unpredictable aspects of The 100. Think back to the show’s first season, and how laborious those first few episodes were, only to be salvaged by a pretty stellar back-half that allowed the show to hit its peak the following season. With the second season, The 100 crafted a near-perfect 16-episode arc that built tension and anticipation before a number of memorable, earned moments. Then there was last season, a hurried, strange, out of whack season where the pacing never felt consistent. Too many storylines lasted well past their expiration date, and others (RIP Lexa) weren’t given much of a chance to bloom.

Now in its fourth season, the show seems to still be struggling with how to space out its meaningful, impactful plot points while also giving the characters plenty of time to ruminate. The 100 has always found its …

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