TV Club: The pace accelerates on an eventful Penny Dreadful

The Penny Dreadful regulars aren’t reunited quite yet, but they’re all present and accounted for in “No Beast So Fierce,” following two episodes that drilled down into the backstories of isolated characters. Considering how much time was devoted to laying out the particulars of Ethan’s dilemma last week, it’s a little surprising to see it more or less resolved by the end of this episode, although I’m sure the ramifications of his strong flirtation with the forces of darkness will continue to impact the rest of the season. Still, given that only three episodes remain this year, it’s understandable that John Logan and company would feel the need to start accelerating toward the finish line. (We’ve gone from eight episodes in season one to ten in season two and now down to nine. Ten felt about right, but maybe the bigger scope of …

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