TV Club: The other “choux” drops as time management rules the Holiday Baking Show

Perhaps it’s a lack of familiarity with the Bake-Off format, but it’s clear that the American bakers flown across the Atlantic aren’t quite where they want to be in terms of time management. As she completes the Showstopper, a self-standing Choux Pastry structure, Ainslie says what you sense all the bakers are (at least secretly) thinking: “I think it would be really good if these weren’t timed.”

That’s not how The Great Holiday Baking Show works, though. Time management is one of the primary differentiating factors between the competitors, and it proves to be Ainslie’s undoing. Hers is a compelling case when it comes to where time management issues start: whereas Nicole’s issues with the technical bake have to do with losing track of time (focusing so much on one task that she fell behind on the most important one), Ainslie’s problem …

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