TV Club: The noose tightens as Colony places everyone in jeopardy

R.I.P. Lindsay, you beautiful wackadoo. You were too delightfully crazy for this earth, it seems—and given how insane life in the colony has gotten, that’s really saying something. The Red Hand assault that forms the climax of ”Good Intentions” makes for a tense and thrilling sequence, even if there was no real danger of Will being offed. (If a drone isn’t going to get the job done, there’s no way a few guys with automatic weapons can take him down.) We’ve seen enough surprise deaths this season to know that unexpected endings can happen, but not, it seems, to the Bowmans. Admittedly, it might be hard for the narrative to shake off the death of a member of this family without descending into everyone wallowing in grief, but it’s starting to get awfully convenient that no one ever seems to get more …

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