TV Club: The new characters shine in a dull Please Like Me

Please Like Me has always had a manic streak, but “Amoxicillin” is just a little too silly a little too often. It’s a problem that starts with the main plots. Tom has chlamydia (fine), and he decides to sneak Ella the medication to cure the chlamydia he probably transmitted to her (a little sitcommy, but I’ll allow it), but Tom and Josh can’t figure out a way to get Ella out of the kitchen while Josh prepares her meal (is Tom that incompetent?), so Josh has to pretend he has worms (I mean, what)? Meanwhile Stewart is lying on the floor at Rose’s and refusing to leave until she forgives him. The silliness courses all through the main plot, with everyone freaking out about the worms and Josh having to play chicken with the story. And it’s even in little moments, like Arnold Googling what …

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