TV Club: The Muppets go into PSA mode for their most empowering episode to date

On a surface level, the title “A Tail Of Two Piggies” refers to the two pigs at the center of the episode. There’s Miss Piggy (of course) and a porcine teenager named Linda who looks up to her. That admiration grows ten-fold when, while at a red-carpet event, Piggy’s tail pops out of her too-tight gown, much to the horror of Uncle Deadly. That exact same thing (sans Deadly) happened to Linda at school, and seeing her idol experience an identical wardrobe malfunction makes her feel better about the whole ordeal.

But the title has a double meaning that goes beyond its silly pun, as the two pigs could also refer exclusively to Piggy herself. There’s the Piggy who (understandably, even for a self-centered diva like her) feels intense embarrassment over the ridicule and tabloid stories that follow. Then there’s the Piggy who, after meeting Linda …

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