TV Club: The Muppets’ flaws are justified, if still slightly jarring

Over the past week, the most common criticism leveled at The Muppets from both fans and critics alike has been some variation on “Kermit’s kind of a dick.” It’s a completely valid point. He’s made fat jokes about Miss Piggy, snapped at Animal, and, in this latest episode, engineered a manipulative plan to break up Piggy and her new beau, Josh Groban—and that’s after he’s the one who set them up in the first place. Granted, he’s doing it out of interest for Up Late With Miss Piggy, which Groban is transforming into a boring, highbrow talk show that Piggy’s not cultured enough to host.

Then again, are Kermit’s actions purely based on business? Both “Hostile Makeover” and last week’s “Pig Girls Don’t Cry” hint that there’s still a spark between he and Piggy. And why wouldn’t …

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