TV Club: The Monarch changes his colors on The Venture Bros.

You know those D&D alignment charts for fictional characters that used to be so popular? Y’know, the ones that would slot the Star Trek: Next Generation cast or some other sufficiently large group of fictional characters into personality types like “Chaotic Neutral” and “Lawful Good” and so on and so forth. I wonder if anyone ever did that for The Venture Bros. Hell, I wonder if Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer might not have done it themselves. It seems like the sort of thing they would do.

I mention it mostly because the Monarch’s decision to go affiliation ambiguous in tonight’s “Rapacity In Blue” had me thinking for the umpteenth time about super-heroes and super-villains on this show. Sure, the Monarch is just taking Gary’s suggestion so he can take down any other villain henching Doctor Venture, but he’s still doing something suspiciously close to …

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