TV Club: The Mist may just be the most illogical series on TV right now

I’ve been trying to decide which line of dialogue in The Mist‘s sixth episode, “The Devil You Know,” best sums up the issues with this series as a whole. An early contender comes from Nathalie Raven, spoken to Connor Heisel inside the church: “Few things are more beautiful than destruction. Doesn’t mean I enjoy it.”

Now, pretend this statement is even a little true—if you walked outside right now I think you could see, at least, ten things more beautiful than “destruction”—and apply it to The Mist. This show is filled with storytelling issues, but it’s hard to ignore that episode to episode it is often just as shockingly gorgeous to just look at. Director David Boyd turned episode two, “Withdrawal,” into a particularly memorable hour of The Shining-esque horror visuals, but every episode has at least a few moments where it rises …

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