TV Club: The Mist is still stuck between absurd and serious

Like a high-school misfit in eyeliner undergoing a particularly aggressive Baptism, The Mist seems to be having an identity crisis. Where the pilot was a slow-burning allegorical horror tale, and last week’s “Withdrawal” was a Lost-like pile-up of mysteries and monsters, “Show and Tell” lands awkwardly in the middle, with all the grace of a corpse crashing into a shopping cart. It’s an absurd hour of television that also really, really wants to be taken seriously. It’s an examination of the humiliating stigma that comes with sexual assault that also features a man’s moth tattoo violently sprouting its own wings; a realistic meditation on losing a loved one in which everyone speaks in either extended monologue or Bible verse; a look at the powerlessness in the face of drug addiction that also has a character say, with a straight face, “we’re going to have to …

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