TV Club: The Mist hits a moose-sized problem in its second episode

After two episodes, the best analogy for The Mist‘s highs and lows is the CGI moose that flies through a windshield in the opening moments of “Withdrawal.” Connor Heisel driving through the mist—having essentially left Kevin, Adrian, Mia, and Bryan to die—is the show at its best, his eyes nervously darting from left to right, trying to navigate a world of fog and fire where you can only see two feet in front of you. That uncertainty is the series’s best chance to become more than your average horror story; it’s terrifying but, at the same time, relatable on a deeper level, as all memorable horror is. But then Connor crashes into that moose, and we’re once again in a show where the jump scares are cheap and the effects budget is even cheaper. The scariest thing about a closet’s darkness, the glassy …

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