TV Club: The Mindy Project wisely goes meta about Danny’s absence

The elephant in the room this entire Mindy half-season has been the near-complete absence of Danny. Apart from a few brief appearances and mentions, he does not show up with Mindy on screen any more, and the show’s efforts to replace him with other guys for Mindy (Garret Dillahunt, Ne-Yo, Jay R. Ferguson) have mostly been lacking. Last week’s episode with a new Mindy writer wasn’t even that much fun to watch, short on the overall humor we’ve come to expect from this show.

So it’s surprising that this week, two new Mindy writers—Jonathan Green and Gabe Miller—manage to, if you’ll forgive the softball metaphor, hit one out of the park. They do this by, finally, attacking the Danny problem head-on. Jeremy kicks off the episode by pointing out that the practice is down by 15 percent in patients since Danny left …

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