TV Club: The Mindy Project: “What To Expect When You’re Expanding”

Mindy Kaling’s new AmEx commercial is titled “The Unlikely Leading Lady.” She starts her day with a few half-hearted sit-ups, then gives up. She eats some jelly beans for breakfast as she describes in the voiceover how casting directors always wanted to cast her as the best friend or the sidekick. She asks, “Why couldn’t I be the star? Am I not good enough? Am I not pretty enough?” So after being one of the youngest people and only women in The Office’s writers’ room, she created her own show around herself. “I was told that they don’t put girls who look like me on TV,” she concludes. “I guess they can’t say that anymore.”

That, friends, is someone with confidence, someone with sheer force of personality (and no shortage of hard work) to make things happen. But even Mindy Kaling is not without her …

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