TV Club: The Mindy Project subverts the rom-com paradigm by trashing its love triangle

There’s a problem with love triangles: They assume that all parties want to be involved, and, beyond that, that should two of the people choose each other, that they’ll be happy for the rest of their lives, even when we all know that’s statistically unlikely. “Will they or won’t they” crazed viewers are supposed to buy in wholeheartedly to these types of situations, knowing that should the love-starved heroine choose correctly, surely, definitely, her heart will be full forever.

After all, Elizabeth Bennett chose Mr. Darcy, and they rode off happily into the sunset forever, right? Things didn’t get iffy after they had kids, and Darcy didn’t buy a fast horse and start taking mysterious trips to London when he hit 50. Titanic‘s Rose chose Jack because she liked him, but what would have happened if she really had made room on that …

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