TV Club: The Mindy Project stumbles over women’s issues in a confounding episode

The Mindy Project‘s Doctor Mindy Lahiri might be a lot of things, but she’s probably not a misogynist. A little demeaning, sure. Dim, maybe. Full of contradictions and double standards? Definitely. A misogynist? No—at least, not intentionally.

That’s the message behind this week’s Mindy Project episode, the aptly titled “Mindy Lahiri Is A Misogynist.” A mainly work-centric episode, “Mindy Lahiri” finds the staff of Schulman & Associates hiring a new doctor now that Dr. Reed is laid up from his “heart incident.” Though it’s likely the doctors, the nurses, and life in general will probably still run Jeremy (aka Dr. Scoot) into an early grave, the idea is that a new doctor will at least take some of Jeremy work off his plate, not that anyone at Schulman ever seems to be working anyway.

Jody and Jeremy put together a whole slew of candidates …

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