TV Club: The Mindy Project: “San Francisco Bae”

Sure, moving Mindy to Stanford might have seemed risky at first, but this plot twist is actually jolting some unexpected life into The Mindy Project, 2015 version. As Mindy stops focusing so much on her long-distance relationship with Danny, we get to see her on her own on the west coast, while all the boys back in the office have an inspired evening in her absence.

This kind of episode is my favorite kind of Mindy Project, with fizzy punchlines and chemistry, unbridled laughs and some forward propulsion in plot progression (written by newcomer Chris Schleicher in one of his first efforts for the show, and hopefully he will contribute more often).

Let’s start with the menfolk: Yes, I know some people find Morgan annoying, but you can’t say that his pining for Danny hasn’t been consistent. In fact, there’s lots of solid continuity from previous …

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