TV Club: The Mindy Project navigates the perils of maternity leave

What makes the Danny and Mindy relationship such a fun one to explore on The Mindy Project is that they are such total opposites. This has led to many ups and downs over the course of their relationship, but never as much as the ones they will have over child-rearing. You can disagree with your spouse about how to hang the toilet paper or where to go for dinner. But the decisions you make when you have a kid get amped up 11-fold, because everything appears to have life-changing consequences (even when it doesn’t), like whether to use cloth diapers or whether your kid believes in Santa.

Which leads us to only the first day of Mindy’s maternity leave. In an extreme twist, Danny has removed all the screens from the household, which is an exceptionally cruel thing to do to someone like Mindy, faced with a super-cute …

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