TV Club: The Mindy Project moves toward its inevitable romantic conclusion

As The Mindy Project winds up season four, our lead character’s romantic foibles (this is meant to be a rom-sitcom, after all), inevitably come to a head. This episode picks up right where we left off, with Mindy and Jody kissing after he expresses his support for Leo’s acting career.

Greta Gerwig adds a fun energy that I too could really get on board with, Morgan. She’s simultaneously sweet and unhinged. And it makes sense for Danny to be with someone more docile, like Sarah, after the volatility of his relationship with Mindy. But The Mindy Project gets tripped up in some major plot problems here, basically for the sake of sitcom complications, many of which could be easily solved if people just, you know, talked to each other.

For example: Even if Jody doesn’t want to let on that he has chlamydia, couldn’t he …

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