TV Club: The Mindy Project goes full Groundhog Day

Well, that didn’t take long. The Mindy Project‘s titular Mindy is back with boring nurse Ben.

Actually, in all fairness, it did take a while—at least in Mindy world. The winter premiere put the chipper Dr. Lahiri into her own Groundhog Day situation, complete with omnipresent “Flowveralls” and a very well-placed Carly Rae Jepsen tune. The premise worked, with Mindy running the all seven stages of grief and/or emotion as she lived her Tuesday over and over. She grumbled, then realized she could eat unlimited snacks and spend dumb amounts of money, got really good at basketball, and then got bored. And then she realized she was a shallow, self-absorbed person and somehow convinced Ben to love her again. All she had to do was actually fucking listen to him.

I’m all for personal development—life’s a marathon, not a sprint, and all that …

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