TV Club: The Mindy Project: “Fertility Bites”

Here’s the thing about fertility treatments: Many people who seek help with their fertility are already at what is termed “advanced maternal age” (not “geriatric obesity,” but similar). So they don’t really have time to mess around with someone just starting a fertility practice. Personally, I would be in just for the spa-like surroundings of Lahiri Fertility, but I could see how it could be a hard sell. And didn’t Mindy help people get pregnant at Stanford? Couldn’t she have brought that up?

Once again logic fails us on The Mindy Project, and we are forced to take a tiny step back and just enjoy the ride. Because this is a pretty entertaining episode overall, that uses the entire cast, and even pulls the A and B plots together at the end.

Now with Peter gone, Morgan is pretty much standing in as Mindy’s best …

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