TV Club: The Mindy Project: “Confessions Of A Catho-holic”

When The Mindy Project was casting around for a flirty sparring partner and eventual love match for Mindy Lahiri, you may wonder why the show went with Danny Castellano, Staten Island Italian Catholic. Now, many Italians are Catholic (I myself am an Irish-Italian lapsed Catholic, who spent seven of the worst years of my life in a Catholic grammar school on the southwest side of Chicago, back when the mean nuns still thought it was okay to hit you with rulers). The show has certainly gotten some mileage out of Danny’s nationality and religion—cracks about the Archdiocese legal defense fund, his devout ma—but I don’t think we’ve ever had a whole episode devoted to it until now, as the joining of Mindy and Danny’s lives together gets closer.

As someone who grew up Catholic, I really don’t think pedophile priest jokes are funny …

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