TV Club: The Mindy Project: “Best Man”

In season three, The Mindy Project blessedly swung the will-they/won’t-they camp all the way over into they-will. The first episode was called “We’re A Couple Now, Haters!” and to its credit, the show has stuck with the relationship throughout. And it found some entertaining things to explore within the context of that relationship, especially as Mindy progressed at work and accepted the Stanford fellowship.

But Danny’s reluctance to get married this episode did have some precedence. As early as that first season-three episode, he didn’t want to tell people at work about their relationship. By episode eight, “Diary Of A Mad Indian Woman,” the reveal in Mindy’s diary that she wants to get married almost makes him walk out of the relationship, but he comes back in the end. Danny was going to expand his apartment in “What About Peter?” but to live with …

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