TV Club: The Middle: “The Waiting Game” / The Goldbergs: “The Lost Boy”

The Middle: “The Waiting Game”

The reason this week’s episode was entitled “The Waiting Game” was almost certainly because it focused heavily on Sue and her parents suffering through the agony of waiting on responses to her college applications. That said, I’d argue that it could also apply to a completely different storyline, as in, “Every episode of The Middle before this week was just part of the waiting game to get to the bit where Mike is singing, drumming, and playing air guitar to Boston’s ‘More Than a Feeling.’”

First, though, let’s talk about Sue’s situation. It truly does suck to have to sit around and wait to find out whether you’ve gotten into college or not, but in true Sue fashion, she does her best to try and keep a stiff upper lip throughout the process, diving headlong into a craft project …

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