TV Club: The Middle: “The Man Hunt” / The Goldbergs: “Edward ‘Eddie the Eagle’ Edwards”

The Middle: “The Man Hunt”

It’s always fun when The Middle delivers an episode with a title that successfully covers all three of its plotlines, but it was likely particularly surprising for sexists, who doubtlessly spotted the phrase “The Man Hunt” and rationalized, “Ah, it’s a reference to Sue being on the lookout for a new beau!” While this presumption would indeed have been an accurate one, it would’ve only gotten you 1/3 credit, which constitutes a pretty epic fail. The episode, however, proved to be a pleasant success, although the biggest win by far belonged to Brick and Mike. As such, I’m saving their story for last and kicking things off by discussing Axl’s new pad.

Except it’s not a pad: it’s a mobile crack den…or at least it would be if it wasn’t for the fact that, as …

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