TV Club: The Middle: “The Graduate” / The Goldbergs: “Goldbergs Feel Hard”

The Middle: “The Graduate”

It had to happen eventually: “The Year of Sue” is over…or is it?

At the very least, it isn’t over when this week’s episode kicks off. Indeed, when we first see Sue, she’s trying to make the most of every waking moment of the last seven days of her big year, starting with the wringing of as much as excitement as possible out of having received the family’s tickets for her graduation and getting giddy about the post-ceremony party. But that giddiness is soon just a faded memory: when she arrives at school the next day, her world begins to collapse around her.

Sure, her class picture is great for a change, but it’s sitting atop someone else’s name, and her other big photographic moment – the sombrero shot – has her face smack dab in the middle of the page …

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