TV Club: The Middle: “The Convention” / The Goldbergs: “Wingmom”

The Middle: “The Convention”

After indicating only last episode that Frankie wouldn’t be returning to work with Dr. Goodwin until January, it seemed fair enough to think that we wouldn’t be seeing a guest appearance from Jack McBrayer any sooner than that, either, The Middle pulled a fast one by delivering not only a McBrayer guest spot this week, but also an appearance by Cheryl Hines, beloved CEO of Smile Superstars International, the 13th largest dental chain in the country. God bless us, every one!

If you’re paying attention to the calendar, then you may be aware that “The Convention” is the episode that falls between The Middle‘s Thanksgiving and Christmas episodes, which is a pretty cushy spot when you’re talking about a series that has a longstanding history of doing some of its best work during their holiday-themed installments. Oddly enough, it has also …

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