TV Club: The Middle: “Siblings and Sombreros” / The Goldbergs: “I Drank the Mold”

The Middle: “Siblings and Sombreros”

Nothing makes a fan of The Middle quite as giddy as having an episode kick off in the car.

By now, surely you know the standing rule with this series: you can’t go wrong with a scene that features the whole Heck clan in the confines of their vehicle. In this case, the family is taking a drive to…well, nowhere, really. It’s just a drive, an idea which is instantly called out as smelling like something that Frankie’s dealt, but it’s actually something of Mike’s devising, and as he’s pleased to inform the rest of the family, he’s got a full tank and an empty bladder and he can go all day. While he’s busy driving, Sue’s storyline for the week is quickly sketched out: she’s working on her senior page, and since she …

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