TV Club: The Middle: “Operation Infiltration” / The Goldbergs: “The Adam Bomb”

The Middle: “Operation Infiltration”

It’s getting so that it’s impossible for The Middle to do an episode that doesn’t feature at least one storyline that feels in some way like a gift to the show’s fans, but that’s what happens when a show’s been around for as long as this one has been. In this case, all of the storylines felt like gifts to some extent, even if some were slightly more successful than others.

First of all, even though we got confirmation last week that Sue had indeed gotten into college, we still didn’t know for sure whether or not she’d gotten the financial aid package she needed to cover the costs of her education. Thankfully, she did, which proved to be a nice, funny way to pick off the proceedings and set into motion the idea of Sue visiting Axl …

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