TV Club: The Middle: “Not So Silent Night” / The Goldbergs: “A Christmas Story”

The Middle: “Not So Silent Night”

The title of this year’s Christmas episode of The Middle was “Not So Silent Night,” and it’s certainly hard to argue with its appropriateness, what with all the yelling that’s going on through a significant chunk of the proceedings, but it might’ve just as well been called “A Bottle of Christmas Spirit.”

Yeah, that’s right: I’m offering a rare flash of TV critic cred making a “bottle episode” joke. Of course, now I’ve completely nullified that cred by taking a sentence to explain the joke, but what can I say? I’ve got to be me.

In fact, there’s actually something notable about the title as it stands, although I had to actually do a quick double-check to be sure I was right: it’s the first time The Middle has done a Christmas episode that …

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