TV Club: The Middle: “Hecks At A Movie” / The Goldbergs: “Weird Al”

The Middle: “Hecks At A Movie”

This week offers another new reason to love The Middle: I’m not sure there’s another sitcom on the air at the moment that could plausibly pull off a plotline revolving around a teenager who’s never seen a movie in a movie theater.

That’s our Brick.

In a season that’s been delivering significant story development for every one of its main characters—Frankie’s dental practice has a new corporate overlord, Mike has the Li’l Rivals diaper business with his brother Rusty, Axl has the real world is nipping at his heels, Sue is struggling to adapt to her first year of college, and Brick is growing up and getting pretty damned tired of being the forgotten child—it’s mildly audacious of The Middle to spend an entire episode focusing on virtually none of those things and instead …

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