TV Club: The Middle: “Film, Friends and Fruit Pies” / The Goldbergs: “Lainey Loves Lionel”

The Middle: “Film, Friends and Fruit Pies”

Pity the poor patchwork quilt, viewed by some as a beautiful construction even as others are only capable of seeing an assortment of random pieces haphazardly sewn together. That’s not to suggest that this week’s episode of The Middle feels like such a thing, but…oh, hell, I can’t finish that sentence without feeling like a fraud: what we have on our hands is a catch-all installment, one that picks up past story threads for each of the three kids and throws in a token bit of action for Frankie and Mike, including a reference to Valentine’s Day that arrives so late in the proceedings that you can almost imagine someone running onto the set, waving a calendar and shouting, “Wait! Wait! This is airing on February 10! For God’s sake, we have to add something about Valentine …

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